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MTG Grab Bag Drafts!

Last weekend was a resounding success for a new casual MTG format up at the store. For those of you who are un-aware grab bags are a random assortment of 15 Magic cards which include 2 rares/mythics, 4 uncommons, and 9...Read More »

Yugioh Tournament 11/14/2015

This past Saturday we had a great showing for the Yugioh tournament up at the store. The top 8 spot for the tournament were:

1.) Blaine Salter – Tellaknights
2.) Ronnie Alt – Performage
3.) Jamal Anthony – Majespecter
4.) Robert Fields...Read More »

MTG Standard Tournament 10/29/2015

Hey guys and gals last night we had our weekly Magic the Gathering tournament up at Galactics and here are the results:

1st: Jonathan Law: Abzan Red.

(Deck list to come…)

2nd: Steven Broom: Atarka Landfall

(Deck list to come…)

3rd: Justin Spence: Bant...Read More »

Halloween Costume Props

Hey there is a new Galactics video for Halloween! Check it out!

...Read More »

New X-Wing Video

...Read More »

Schedule of Weekly Events

Monday- Closed


  • Open Gaming till 8PM


  • New Comic Book Day!!
  • Open Gaming
  • 1st Wednesday of the Month – Historical Gaming Club


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