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Event delayed due to weather related shipping delays of product.

Due to weather delays, our shipment of Empire at War has not arrived. We will still have Star Wars Destiny game play tonight, but we have delayed the release event of Empire at War until we receive the product.Read More »

Upcoming Events!

Upcoming events
9/14/17 – Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War Release Event
9/15/17 – 7 Wonders Tournament
9/16/17 – Magic the Gathering Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier –
9/16/17 – Super Smash Bros. 4 Tournament
9/23/17 – Settlers of Catan...Read More »

Magic the Gathering Hour of Devastation Game Day This Weekend

Magic the Gathering Hour of Devastation Game Day this Saturday and Sunday, August 5th and 6th, starting at Noon! $5 Entry fee
1st place each day receives exclusive Game Day game mat
Top 8 players each day receive the Adorned...Read More »

MTG Grab Bag Drafts!

Last weekend was a resounding success for a new casual MTG format up at the store. For those of you who are un-aware grab bags are a random assortment of 15 Magic cards which include 2 rares/mythics, 4 uncommons, and 9...Read More »

Yugioh Tournament 11/14/2015

This past Saturday we had a great showing for the Yugioh tournament up at the store. The top 8 spot for the tournament were:

1.) Blaine Salter – Tellaknights
2.) Ronnie Alt – Performage
3.) Jamal Anthony – Majespecter
4.) Robert Fields...Read More »

MTG Standard Tournament 10/29/2015

Hey guys and gals last night we had our weekly Magic the Gathering tournament up at Galactics and here are the results:

1st: Jonathan Law: Abzan Red.

(Deck list to come…)

2nd: Steven Broom: Atarka Landfall

(Deck list to come…)

3rd: Justin Spence: Bant...Read More »

Halloween Costume Props

Hey there is a new Galactics video for Halloween! Check it out!

...Read More »

New X-Wing Video

...Read More »

Schedule of Weekly Events

Monday- Closed


  • Open Gaming till 8PM


  • New Comic Book Day!!
  • Open Gaming
  • 1st Wednesday of the Month – Historical Gaming Club


    Read More »